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Equip360 Release: 2020.1

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements that will be delivered to your implementation. Some elements might not be applicable to your site as the feature might have been turned off.


Please let us know if you would like a feature to be available based on the new enhancements. Ask us if some of our new features can be turned off. We are looking forward to your feedback.

What's in this release?

  • Enhanced Search suggestion

  • Improve Facet visibility

  • Display correct account detail

  • "You may also like" redesign in Item detail

  • Display comment in Purchase order detail view

  • Ability to Sort attributes within the facet

  • Feature products can now also be sorted by Most popular

  • Ability to save a ship-to-address

  • Ability to see and update saved cards under Account detail

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