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Equip360 Release 2021.3

How it Works

Compare Products

Introducing the Compare Products page

By providing the ability to compare products side by side, shoppers no longer need to remember information, take notes, flip between tabs or open multiple browser windows. Allows for quick and easy comparison between each offering’s features and characteristics (can include dimensions, weight and other product attributes).

Compare Checkbox

Shoppers can select up to 4 products in Shop for Parts by selecting the compare checkbox.


The comparison is not stored once the user session is closed.


Compare Banner

A banner is visible at the bottom of the Shop for Parts screen with an already selected product.


Shoppers can remove one product at a time or all.


The banner is only available in Shop for Parts when products are selected.


Comparing Assistant

On this page, shoppers can see product information side by side and “Add to cart” whichever product best meets their needs.


Shopping List

Allow Shoppers to Build Multiple Shopping Lists

Equip now offers shoppers the ability to add products to one or more lists. This can be used for things like managing weekly stock, upcoming specific projects or recurring repair work.

How it Works

Add to List Dropdown

In the item detail page, shoppers can see a clear indicator to add a product to a Shopping list.


A drop-down allows shoppers to select within existing lists. To create a new list, users can either select “Manage lists” in dropdown or access “My Shopping Lists” from their user's name.


My Shopping Lists

A table displays the existing lists with the last updated date and number of products in the list.


The list is unique to the shopper and can be

re-used multiple times. Shoppers can also create a new list and Replace cart with

products in the list.

Updating List in Modal

When shoppers select the list name in the Shopping Lists table, a pop up appears allowing for editing the list name, removing products or changing the quantity.


Once the changes are made, shoppers can also replace their cart with the list of products and checkout.

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