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Release 2022.11


Translation module enhancement

Administrator interacts with Translation module directly. The Translation module in the Equip360 administrator site has been revamped and now allows the user to edit labels directly without the requirement to download and upload an excel spreadsheet. The module now displays all labels and translation text in searchable and sortable columns. The user can select any supported language in a drop down, and the page will change accordingly and display the current language translations. The page includes upload and download icons If a user wishes to update translation labels using the previous method. Each label can be easily and quickly updated by clicking an edit icon and opening a modal that allows changes to be made to text. On save, changes are reflected in Equip360.

Search results display categories before parts

When searching, matches within categories are displayed at the top. Global search now prioritizes categories in search results; any keyword will return categories first before all other results. A "View more" link is present if more than 5 categories return from a search word. On click of this link, a user is navigated to a new page that contains all the category search results. The categories are sorted based on search match relevance, and twenty categories are displayed per page. The page matches the styling of a current Shop for Parts category page.

Display product weight in cart


When available, the weight of product can be displayed so shopper can make a better shipping decision. Weight is now displayed on the item detail page of a product, and also in the cart. Weight is shown at the individual product level, and a total order weight is provided in the order summary section of the cart page. This allows the user to be aware of any potential impact product weight may have on shipping choices and/or expenses.

Messaging for legacy parts that do not have SAP numbers

Allowing a different messaging for legacy product. There is a type of legacy part that was never created in SAP, but is displaying in Equip360. These parts will now display messaging that is different than the standard message for obsolete or out of stock parts. A translation label has been created named msg.part.legacy where the administrator can update the messaging for these parts. The messaging will display in Shop for Parts pages, the Item Detail page, and in search results. The default messaging is “This is a legacy part. Contact Customer Service”.

Upsell row performance improvement

When the cart page is loaded and contains a row of upsell products, price calls are now limited only to the first set of products displayed. As a user clicks to display another part in the row, a subsequent price call takes place as the next part is displayed. This only occurs each time a user clicks to scroll horizontally. As a result, the cart page load time is improved for products that contain a significant number of upsell parts.

Display of Shipping Terms and Transport Mode

Shipping Terms and Transport Mode are now included in the shipment tab in Purchase History in the same location as other details specifically related to shipping.

Expansion of Purchase Order column

Better use of column space in Purchase History. The Purchase Order column in Purchase History has been expanded to fit the maximum size of the field to eliminate any truncation of PO Numbers on the page.

Click logo on Mobile return user to the home page

When using the mobile version of Equip, tapping on the corporate logo now takes a user back to the home page.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.

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