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Release 2022.6


View a List of Orders in an Excel Format

Logged-in users are now able to create an open order (order, shipment and invoice) report in excel format from purchase history. Previously, these reports were only available in PDF format.

Bulk-Upload Template File - Even Faster to Add Part to Cart

For implementations where only one division exists, the shoppers no longer see the column with organization name on the bulk upload template. 


Similar Product

Shoppers can find the products they are looking for utilizing Equip360's new feature, View Similar. When a shopper is on the item detail of a part they will see a list of facet attributes for that part. They are able to select the relevant facet and click the View Similar. This allows the customer to see a list of all parts with that attribute facet.

Purchase history 

If an implementation does not have quote functionality turned on, the column that displays the quote expiration date will be hidden. The width of other columns on the page are expanded to display longer strings of data. If an implementation does have quote functionality turned on there will be no change to the purchase history page.

Checkout page - label underneath "Place Order" button

A label was added below the "Place Oder" button on the checkout page to allow OEM's to leave a note for customers. An example of use is to have a message regarding the Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service with a link to the appropriate page.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Interactive Parts Manual

Product Configurator

Ability to Tie a Part to a Series of Configurator Selections

Configurator questions can now have individual answer selections that are free text entries and are not tied directly 1 to 1 to a part number.  A part can then be linked later in the configuration process after a series of questions are answered.  Rules can also be applied based on these selections.


Auto-Populating Mandatory Configurator Questions That Contain Only One Possible Answer

If a mandatory question in the Product Configurator contains only one possible answer/selection listed, the selection is auto-populated for the question when the user opens the Product Configurator.  If there is a rule in place that renders a question into this condition by filtering, the selection becomes auto-populated.

Interactive Parts Manual

Bill of Material - Product Detail Preview

Users can now click on a product line on the BOM page for an individual part to open a preview that quickly provides additional information without the need to navigate away from the BOM page to the item detail page.  The preview includes a part image, part description and details, and an ability to add the part to the shopping cart. The user can then continue to navigate through the BOM and switch the preview section to other parts.


Equipment Page - Presentation Order

Vehicles are now displayed in alphanumeric order on the equipment landing page based on their primary identifier (Model, Serial Number, or VIN). Any equipment that has been flagged as a favorite by a user will be displayed before all other equipment. 

Equipment Page - Allow OEM's to Only Show Equipment from Search

A configuration is now available that requires a user to search for a serial number before any equipment details become visible on the equipment landing page. The user must enter a known serial number before any results return. By default, zero results are shown when the user first lands on the equipment page.

Bill of Material - Assembly Tree Navigation (Left Hand Navigation)

The BOM assembly tree displays the commercial description of a part. This is consistent with the description that is shown on the BOM detail page (right hand panel). If no commercial description is found, the engineering description will display.

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