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Release 2022.7


Promotions can be assigned to

customer groups

Promotions can now be assigned to customer groups. This allows the administrator to restrict access to marketing banners, featured products, and notifications to a defined subset of users.

Maintenance banners no longer display a default background color

When a maintenance banner is created in the Promotions module, there is no longer a pink default background color that displays in the application.  


Notification of availability when a product comes back into stock

On the item detail page, a checkbox has been added for any product that is out-of-stock. If the user flags this checkbox, they will receive an email notification when the product is back in stock and now available to order, with a link to the item detail page of the product.  One email is sent for each instance of a product coming back into stock, so if a user has multiple products that they have flagged coming into stock at once, a separate email is sent for each instance.  

Restocking notification report for administrators

An automated report can now be sent to the site administrator showing the number of restocking notifications that are pending per product.   The report includes product number, product description, and the number of users that currently have the out-of-stock notification checkbox enabled.  The report allows the administrator to identify any out-of-stock products that are flagged for restocking notification by a significant number of users.

No longer need to select division on the registration page

For implementations with only one division, the Select Division dropdown is hidden from the registration page and automatically applied by default when the user registers.

Ability to add additional email addresses to order notifications

In the checkout process, users can now add more than one additional email recipient for order confirmations.  Multiple addresses can be entered, separated by commas.  Email addresses are checked for proper format when entered, and all order notifications and any subsequent emails related to the order are sent to all the email addresses entered.

Purchase history dropdown filtering for users with multiple customer addresses

Users with multiple customer addresses can now select their desired customer name via a dropdown menu during the checkout process.  This dropdown is now available in the Purchase/Order History main screen, as well as the Order history “More Filters” section.

Facet selections in the item detail page now honor the sequence set by the administrator

The product details section of the item detail page displays a list of selectable product facets.  The user can select one or more of these facets to view products in the same category that are similar. The order in which these facets are displayed in this section is now consistent with the facet sort order set by the administrator for the product. 

Improved visibility of password validation messaging to improve readability

When a user is creating a new password or changing a password, the password validation messages are now displayed in a higher contrast with the background so they are more visible to the user.  

After a credit card failure or cancellation, the checkout page now allows a user to try another order without having to navigate all the way back to the cart

When there is a credit card failure / cancellation, the user was redirected back to the checkout page without an error message, and the ship-to and carrier fields showed empty values preventing the user from attempting another order without navigating all the way back to the cart.  To resolve this problem, an error message now shows in the event of a credit card failure or cancellation, and the user has the full ability to attempt another order when navigated back to the checkout page.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Ability to restrict the view of products to a group of customers

This feature allows the administrator to restrict the visibility of products to certain customers. There is a new module available called Restricted Parts where the administrator can assign parts to a classification. A new group type has been added to the Groups module that can bundle users based on their Customer Ship-to address. Once this type of a group is created, the administrator can then add part classifications to the group. If a user’s default customer ship-to is part of a group that has classified parts assigned, the user can access parts that have matched classifications. If a user is not part of this group, only unclassified parts return in search results.

Interactive Parts Manual


Ability to see bill of material notes in the item preview 

Consistently display commercial description across the site

Users can now click on a product line on the BOM page for an
individual part to open a preview that quickly provides additional
information without the need to navigate away from the BOM page
to the Item Detail page. Bill of Material notes for the part have now
been added to the information that display in the preview.

For internal, external, and guest users, all global search results, shop for
parts/category pages, and item detail pages consistently display only the
commercial part descriptions.  Engineering part descriptions now only display for users with a specific permission (ROLE_ENGG_DESC) in the product details section of the
item details page.

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