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Release 2022.8


Propose substitute product for out-of-stock products


For out-of-stock products, you have the ability to configure
substitute products that provide options for your shopper
to make an immediate purchase.

When a product is out of stock, a special icon will display
next to the out-of-stock message that opens a list of substitute
products.  This feature is now available for any out-of-stock
product displayed on the item detail page, in search results,
shop for parts/category listings, and the cart.  

The list of substitute products includes the product number,
commercial description, and an inventory badge indicating
the quantity of product that is currently in stock and available
for purchase.  Clicking on the product number will navigate the
user directly to the item detail page of the substitute product.  

Administrator can create the list of Substitute product

Substitute products are manually entered and maintained by the administrator in the Parts Management module.

Manually added substitute products can be displayed to the user in a predetermined order based on a priority determined by the site administrator.  In the Parts Management module, drag-and-drop
functionality has been included in the section of the page where substitute products are added and maintained.  This functionality allows the administrator to easily manipulate the substitute products list so that the contents appear in a prioritized sequence to the user.  By using this capability, the administrator can ensure that the most similar substitute products appear at the top of the list.

Display the last purchased date

The Last Purchase date will provide confirmation to shoppers that they can safely add the item to their cart.

The item detail page now includes a notification banner if a product has been previously purchased.  The banner includes the last purchased date of the product and the order number.  Clicking on the order number navigates the user to the order details page.   This feature is applied at the Customer Bill-To level, and the banner will only display for users that have access to the order details of the purchased product.  The default setting for the banner is to include all purchases in the past 90 days. This look back period can be modified via a configuration. 

Toggle between list and dealer price

Allow dealers to quickly show their customers the list price.

A new configurable feature allows the logged-in user to toggle between dealer and list pricing across the site.  In the navigation bar directly next to the cart icon, there is a toggle button called “Show MSRP”.  When this feature is configured on, the toggle is always off by default on login, and the price that matches the user’s default account will display.  Enabling the toggle changes all prices shown in Equip360 to the MSRP/List Price.  Prices in Purchase History and the Checkout Page do not honor the toggle. Contact your customer account manager if you would like to enable this feature in your site.

Administrator can add Shopping lists to their users

A good way to promote product and increase conversion is to create a Shopping list that is relevant for that unique shopper.

An administrator now has the ability to prepare a shopping list for an individual user and push the list directly to the user’s account.  The shopping list is uploaded in an excel file, and will appear on the targeted user’s account in the My Lists section with all of the other shopping lists owned by the user.  Once the shopping list is uploaded to the target user’s account, it can be utilized and managed by the user in the same manner as any other shopping list. 

Automatic notification email for Auto re-orders

Your shopper with an Auto-reorder will receive a notification relating to their order
72 hours prior to the trigger of an automatic re-order, the user will receive an email notification to remind them that the order is going to process. The email lists the products in the order, including part number, commercial description, and quantity. If the user clicks on Review Auto-Orders in the email they are navigated to the auto-order URL.

Administrators can sort the order in which alternate parts are displayed

You can now control the order in which the alternate are presented to your shoppers.

Manually added alternate parts can now be displayed to the user in a predetermined order based on a priority determined by the site administrator.  In the Parts Management module, drag-and-drop functionality has been added to the section of the page where alternate parts are added and maintained.

This new functionality allows the administrator to easily manipulate the alternate parts so that they appear in a prioritized sequence to the user. By using this capability, the administrator can ensure that the most suitable alternate products appear more prominently relative to other alternate products.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Ability to restrict the view of products to a group of customers

Not all your products are sellable to all your shoppers, either because of the type of product or the packaging, you can now control who can view these products.

This feature allows the administrator to restrict the visibility of products to certain customers. There is a new module available called Part Restriction where the administrator can assign parts to a classification. A new group type has been added to the Groups module that can bundle users based on their Customer Ship-to address.

Once this type of a group is created, the administrator can then add part classifications to the group. If a user’s default customer ship-to is part of a group that has classified parts assigned, the user can access parts that have matched classifications. If a user is not part of this group, only unclassified parts return in search results.

Purchase history available for users that cannot view price

Users that do not have price visible for tracking/availability and orders can now access Purchase History.  The total column and the ability to download an export is not available.

Interactive Parts Manual


New Technical Documentation page for all eCatalog documents

View the documents relevant to your equipment in a separate
tab in your browser.

There is now a dedicated page that houses all technical
documentation for equipment/vehicles. The page allows for
documents to be organized in a folder hierarchy based on document
groupings which reduces the need for scrolling and searching.  While
in the BOM, clicking on the documents folder opens this new page in a
separate browser tab. On the Equipment ID page, clicking on the Technical
Documentation icon also navigates to this page. All the equipment identifiers
on the ID page also appear on the technical documentation page for reference.

Documents-only button navigates to new technical documents page

If an implementation has a Documents Only button on their equipment landing page, it now navigates to the new Technical Documentation page where all equipment related documentation is located.

Product Configurator

3D images for configurable products


Make your configurator more dynamic by uploading a 3D image.

3D images can be uploaded through Parts.

Management on the admin site for any configurable product.
All of the functionality that exists today on the BOM page for 3D
imagery is included.

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