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Release 2023.1


Admin translation - Save my selection

Search and language selection are maintained when editing Translations.

To improve the user experience in the Translation module, search and language selections are retained so that a user does not have to repeat these action after each save. Previously, after each save action, the search selection ware reset to blank and lost, and the language defaulted back to English.


Admin facet - Secondary facet auto-selected in Facet Module

On page load of the Facet module, secondary level facet are now selected by default in the level drop-down so that the admin does not have to make the selection manually. After editing a facet and returning to the list, the secondary level remains selected by default even if user had selected Primary fist. Secondary level facets are now also the default selection on page load when adding a new facet.

Favorite list - Obsolete message update

A new label has been added allowing editing the message when an obsolete item is removed from a favorite lists. The label is also available in the Admin translation.

Admin Help link - Hidden pending update

The Admin help link is previously visible in Admin Dashboard is no longer available. The Admin help documentation will be provided in a different location in the near future.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.



Email Registration PDF 

When a Warranty registration is completed for a vehicle, a record of the information entered is now sent to the user in PDF format. The documentation includes relevant vehicle identification information (serial number, ...), dealer and owner information, comments, and certification checkboxes.




Add to Cart Origin

Equip360 now provides valuable insight into the users action "Add to cart". In Google Analytics, under Behavior, Top Events, select Event category then "add to cart.The list of Add to Cart events will be available.

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