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Release 2023.11

Product Configurator

Display of configured product details in the cart

A configuration is now available which controls the visibility of configuration details in the cart. When this configuration is activated, users gain the ability to inspect the responses they provided when configuring a product while they are in the cart.


This functionality becomes particularly advantageous when multiple configurable products coexist in the cart, allowing users to conveniently compare details among these items. The displayed details exclude configurator questions that dictate SKU selections or the addition of BOM components to the whole good.


Configured product summary in order preview

When a user is viewing the order preview screen of a configured whole good, an information icon now appears next to the product description. On click of this icon, a configuration summary displays showing the options, option selections, and quantities entered during the configuration process. This feature is available for quote previews as well as order previews.

Product Registration

Manual approval of warranty registration

A configuration has been created to determine whether the warranty registration approval process is automatic or requires manual intervention. When the configuration is on, the process is manual, and a warranty approver must update the status of a submitted registration from Submitted to Approved. An approver can make corrections to a submitted registration before updating the status to approved.

Warranty registration PDF download

On warranty registration approval, a PDF version of the documentation is now available to download in the action column on the warranty home page. This PDF is identical to the PDF attached to the email confirmation of warranty registration.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.



Warranty coverage detail while filing a claim

When a dealer is filing a new warranty claim, warranty coverage information specific to the equipment model of the claim will appear on the page for quick reference. This information dynamically updates based on the model associated with the serial number on the equipment page. If there is no available data, either due to a lack of serial number-to-model mapping or coverage details, the box remains hidden.


The base warranty indicates an expiration calculated as the retail date plus the base coverage duration for the specific model. The expiration date appears in red if it is expired, and in green when the coverage is still valid. This calculation takes into account the purchase history status stored in the database.


Warranty claims are sorted by update date by default

Claims on the warranty home page are now sorted in descending order based on their update date so that users see the most recently updated claims at the top of the list. Manual sorting is required for other columns. If multiple warranty claims share the same update date, the secondary sorting criterion is the "Request #" column in descending order. This sorting logic remains consistent even when applying filters and also applies to claims listed in the Unit History feature.

Odometer/Hours configuration at the equipment model level

The configuration setting which controls the behavior of the odometer/hour meter field within the warranty module, has been enhanced with expanded choices, offering businesses increased adaptability. Beyond the previous options of hiding, making it mandatory, or leaving it optional, businesses can now opt to enforce or waive checks against previous entries stored in the database. Furthermore, these settings can be finely tuned and applied at the equipment model level, granting even more control and customization.

Display of MRR documentation

MRR records have been added to the Warranty Home Page so that dealers and approvers can access and review the submitted documentation and perform necessary actions. The page now contains three tabs, one for MRR in addition to the tabs present for registrations and claims. The MRR tab lists the submitted and approved MRR with searchable columns for Serial Number, Created/Updated Dates, and Status.

Approval of MRR documentation

A configuration has been established to determine if the MRR submission is approved automatically or manually. If this configuration is not activated, manual intervention is required to move an MRR from submitted status to approved status. A user with warranty approver permission can now view the submitted documentation in Equip360, edit any internal notes submitted by the dealer, and update the status pulldown to approved. On approval, a PDF version of the documentation becomes available to download in the action column on the warranty home page. This PDF is identical to the PDF attached to the email confirmation of MRR approval.


Returnable criteria

The returnability of a product can now be defined for RMA and Surplus Returns separately. A product is considered fully returnable if it can be returned via both methods. If a product is only returnable via one of the two methods, it is not considered fully returnable.

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