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Release 2023.12


Enabling the permission allows users to search across all Serial Numbers assigned to them, regardless of their status as the original Dealer. This expanded search is facilitated by a checkbox next to the search field, featuring a customizable label. Each warranty document type (MRR, Registration, or Claim) is associated with an individual permission, ensuring control over the scope of expanded searches on a document-type basis. Users can perform partial searches by entering the leading characters of a serial number.


Equipment search capabilities when creating and submitting warranty documentation

New controls have been implemented to manage serial number search capabilities on the MRR, Registration, and File a Claim pages. When initiating an MRR, Registration, or Claim, users start by searching for equipment using serial numbers. If the permission is disabled, the search is confined to specific machines assigned to the default Bill-to address of the user, with no checkbox available for broader searches.

Excel exports of MRR and warranty registration data

On the Warranty Home page, links have been added to give users the ability to download excel versions of MRR and warranty registration data. The functionality is very similar to the excel download currently available for warranty claim data. If a user applies any filter to the data prior to downloading the file, the downloaded file will honor the results of the filtering. If multiple pages of data are present, the excel file will contain the complete dataset and is not limited to what is displaying on the first page in Equip360. The download is limited to 100 rows of data. If a user attempts to export a larger dataset, a message appears instructing the user to apply filtering to reduce the size of the file.

Ability to add and remove parts from an existing claim

A new configuration has been developed to control the ability to add or remove parts to a warranty claim that is already in progress and requires corrections and resubmission by a dealer. When the configuration is activated and a warranty claim status is Awaiting Correction, the dealer gains the ability to search for invoices and add parts from invoices to the claim.


This functionality mirrors the process when the claim was initially filed. Additionally, the dealer has the option to remove parts from the claim by selecting "Removed" in the Action column. Upon resubmitting the claim, the warranty approver can view and acknowledge the changes. If a part has been removed, it still appears in the user interface, but it is clearly marked as "Removed." The removal of a part by the dealer leads to a subtraction of its price from the total cost calculation. 

Ability to attach additional media files to a warranty claim in progress

When a claim has been sent back to a dealer for a correction, the dealer now has the option to add additional media files, subject to the same conditions and requirements as the initial submissions, with a maximum limit of 5 attached files. The dealer is constrained from replacing or deleting any files attached in previous submissions. After incorporating the necessary additions, the dealer can proceed to submit the claim correction. Upon the approver's review of the claim following this submission, the appended media file(s) are visible alongside any initially submitted media files.

Manual status dropdown selection

In the Warranty module, the status dropdown has been intentionally set to an empty default state, necessitating users to manually choose a status. This adjustment ensures that updates are not inadvertently made with prepopulated statuses that may not be the user's intended selection.

MRR and registration sorted by update date

The listing of MRR and warranty registrations are now sorted in descending order based on their update date so that users see the most recently updated information at the top of the list by default. Manual sorting is required for other columns. If multiple MRRs and registrations share the same update date, the secondary sorting criterion is the Serial Number column in descending order. This sorting logic remains consistent even when applying search filters.

Customizable claim type dropdown ordering

Claim type dropdown choices in the claim filing process can now be arranged in either alphabetical order or a custom order based on business preferences. This flexibility allows for a tailored user experience that aligns with preferred information organization, accommodating both standard conventions and specific business requirements.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.



Editable reference field on the equipment landing page

A new permission has been introduced to allow administrators to edit the Reference field on the equipment landing page.  With this editing capability, administrators can now fine-tune and customize equipment references. Ultimately, this feature facilitates easier searches for equipment by users and enhances the overall user experience. The field remains read-only for users without editing permission.


Consolidation of shopping list upload capabilities

The icon in the user management dashboard that allows administrators to upload a prepared shopping list to an individual user account has been disabled. This functionality has been integrated into a much more comprehensive set of new features on the My Lists page in Equip360 and no longer needs to be a part of the user management module on the admin site.

Payment Note in the checkout process

A new translation label has been created to enable businesses to insert instructional text between the payment method and purchase order option on the checkout page. This note is not saved or passed to the ERP.

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