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Release 2023.4


Favicon and site name in Google Search results

Equip360 has been updated to leverage new Google search results functionality. A company favicon and site name will now return in google search results.

Search engine optimization score improvement for mobile

A score improvement was achieved by reducing the LCP on Item Detail Mobile to less than 2.5 seconds 


Admin - Coupon

The user interface of the customer assignment section of the coupon module has been re-designed for clarification and ease of use.

Facet - Casing honors admin input

Facet text no longer automatically defaults to all upper case when created by the administrator via the Facets module. The casing that displays in Equip360 will exactly match the casing saved by the administrator.

Landing page - New endpoint allowing email

Creation of a new endpoint so that an email can be generated from landing page.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Product Configurator

Admin - Sort order of configurator value choice

When creating questions in the configurator with non-part value choices as answers, the admin can now determine the order in which they appear by dragging and dropping values in the configurator. This feature is applicable to both dropdown and radio button values. The functionality is similar to the drag-and-drop tool that is presently available in the Parts Management module that sets the order of display for alternate parts.


Text box option for configurator questions

When the admin is formatting questions for a Build and Buy product, text boxes are now an option to handle any questions that need to allow a wide range of open-ended responses. The text boxes allow up to 50 characters, and any responses provided by the user are captured as part of the configuration and will appear in the summary page.

Modification to question visibility (show/ hide) management

A modification has been made to the way the Product Configurator handles a scenario when an initial question is visible, and all subsequent questions are hidden. Previously, if a response was given to the first question that negated a single rule, all of the questions that were hidden by the first set of rules would become visible. This has been modified so that the visibility (show/hide) of a question must be driven by an additional explicit rule.


Odometer/Hour meter field

A new field has been created to capture and store requirement odometer/hour meter data. With the addition of this field, warranty requirements related to this information can now be handled within the warranty module. The field has been added to the MRR, Equipment Registration, and File a Claim pages. In each stage of the warranty process, the odometer/hour value entered must not be less than the previously recorded odometer/hour value on record. The field is numeric only and can be configured to either be mandatory, optional, or hidden. The configuration that controls this setting is warranty.odometer.behavior. The default field label is Current Odometer/Hours and can be modified via the Translations module on the admin site. The field is also now included on the Equipment Registration PDF and the Excel export of warranty claim data.



The ability to apply dealer upcharges has been added to the warranty module. Upcharges are only applicable in specific jurisdictions (U.S. states) and allow dealers to be refunded for parts for an amount higher than the original part cost. When completing the additional expenses section of a warranty claim, the dropdown option to add an upcharge and the corresponding upcharge percentage becomes visible only if upcharges apply to the dealer account and the repair location. The correct upcharge percentage displays in the rate column and will change if the repair location is edited to a different location than the dealer's default ship-to location. Likewise, if the repair location is changed to a jurisdiction that does not allow upcharges, the option will become hidden, even if the dealer's default ship-to location allows upcharges. No automatic calculation is applied based on the percentage, a dealer must enter the monetary amount of the upcharge manually. This amount is added to the total requested amount in the additional expenses section and can be edited by the approver in the approved amount column later in the process.

Claim classification

A new section has been added to the File a Claim page in the warranty module that contains a series of dropdown menus that allow warranty claims to be classified into groups for reporting and analytical purposes. Up to 3 classifications can be included, the contents of which can be fully customized to meet the analytical needs of the business. After a dealer completes the classification(s), the approver can edit the choices selected.

Status - Pending returns

Warranty approvers can now flag individual parts in a warranty claims to indicate that a part must be returned in order to continue the warranty claim process. A new column has been added to the warranty approver's view of the items on claim section called Return Required. The column contains a row of checkboxes, and when the approver opens a warranty claims, each checkbox is unchecked by default. The approver can select one, several, or all checkboxes to indicate the part(s) that must be returned. The approver can then select the new Pending Return status which triggers email notification to the dealer.

Claims - Rejection of individual parts

Warranty approvers can now reject single line-item part on a warranty claim via a dropdown selection. Previously, the approver removed the line item entirely and the information was not retained as the warranty claim advanced throughout the process. When a line item is rejected, the monetary amount of the item is removed from the total amount and is no longer part of the warranty claim, but the details of the rejected line item remain visible for future reference. Warranty claims can then be submitted and approved as per the normal process, with any of the rejected line items within excluded.

Claims - Work shop order field 

A new configuration has been added for the Work Shop order field in the warranty module. If the field is configured as mandatory, a warranty claim cannot be submitted without a value entered.

Claims - Requirement to add media to a warranty claim 

A new configuration has been added to determine any requirements to add supporting media to a warranty claim. This configuration can be set to allow supporting as media optional, to require media attachments, or to limit the requirement to standard warranty claims that do not involve a campaign or service bulletin.

Claims - PDF 

Users can now download a file in PDF format that contains warranty claim information of approved claims. From the Warranty Home page, a download icon is present at the claim level for approved claims only. The body of the PDF contains all of the claim information (excluding attached media) that displays on the screen for a single warranty claims.

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