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Release 2023.5


Landing page role assignments

Administrators can now limit access to landing pages based on user role assignment. The role assignment allows for one or multiple role to be assigned for each Landing page.

Checkout free shipping messaging

When certain criteria are met, shipping charges are waived.  The criteria can include the order subtotal, shipping method, and ship-to location. If the criteria are met, shipping charges become zero, and a message in green text appears in the Order Summary during checkout. This applies for both guest orders and orders from  registered users. The messaging is handled in the Translation module and can be modified from the default. 


Retained purchase history filtering

If a search filter has been applied to Purchase History and a user navigates to order details or invoice details, the filter is retained if the user navigates back to Purchase History, and the user does not have to apply the filter again. All search filters are retained in Purchase History based on user session and are reset to the default condition if the user begins a new session.

Site behavior for deactivated parts

When a part is deactivated and no longer searchable, it is now removed from the sitemap and a 404 error results instead of a 500 error if a user tries to access the URL of the item detail page.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Product Configurator

Price display

A setting in the Admin site can now be applied to the product configurator that will display the price of each part option at the question level. If parts are assigned as possible answers to a configurator question, a Show Price checkbox is available. If the checkbox is selected, prices will display in Equi360 next to each part option, whether shown in a pulldown or series of radio buttons.


One configured product per order

When only one whole good or configured product per order is allowed, Equip360 checkout process changes and will automatically separate any order with a quantity greater than one into individual orders; each order can be associated with a distinct purchase order number and is treated as a single order in order history and email notification.

When configured product has been created, user will be directed directly to checkout screen, by-passing the cart. The Purchase Order field in the checkout process becomes read-only and the user clicks the edit icon to see a line item display where each whole good has been separated into single orders. The user can manually enter a Purchase Order number for each configured product. The Purchase Order number can be the same, or different for each. When the user completes the order, tax and freight are added as if it is a single order, however, each single configured product is treated as a separate order with a distinct order number. Each configured product is represented by a single line item in order history and one email notification is sent per order.


Odometer / Hour meter field displays last value on record 

The current Odometer/ hours field in warranty registration and claim filing is now prepopulated on page load with the last numerical value on record for the serial number. If additional warranty claims are submitted at a later time for the same equipment, the odometer field will be prepopulated with the value entered from the previous claim. A note is displayed below the field to inform the user that the latest value on record is displayed.


User Interface improvements for the expense approvals

The user interface of the Additional Expenses section in warranty claims has been approved for clarification purposes. The fields that are editable by a Warranty Approver are indicated with a pencil icon on page load and do not require the user to hover over the field to show editing capability.

Travel costs

In the Additional Expenses section of the warranty claim form, a new pulldown option has been added for any travel costs that are part of the warranty claim. Travel costs are calculated by reimbursement rate times the distance traveled. The reimbursement rate is auto-populated with a monetary amount from the database similar to how Labor rate are populated. Once the dealer enters distance traveled, the amount is calculated and included in the total amount of the claim. The distance is automatically rounded to the nearest whole amount.

Machine Return Receipt (MRR) PDF

The MRR notification emails have been enhanced to include additional information. The serial number of the equipment is now included in the text of the email, and a PDF version of the MRR is now attached to the email along with any media files that may have been included with the submission. The PDF contains all of the information that was input by the user.

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