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Release 2023.6

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Interactive Parts Manuals

Display of hotspot-specific comments

On the Bill of Materials page, the item preview can now display unique comments or notes for each hotspot. When an item is repeated multiple times in a catalog with different balloon numbers, this functionality allows it to show information that only applies for a drawing but not for other drawings. 



Claim - Excel export

On the RMA Inquiry page, a link has been added to give users the ability to download an excel file of RMA data. The functionality is very similar to the excel download currently available on the Purchase History or Warranty home pages. The file is in Excel format and divided into two tabs. The first tab contains high-level RMA information and the second tab contains all of the line item parts and expenses that exist within each of the return requests. If a user applies any filter to the RMA data prior to downloading the file, the downloaded file will honor the results of the filtering. If multiple pages of RMA data are present, the excel file will contain the complete dataset and is not limited to what is displaying on the first page in Equip360.



Unit of measure part types

When a shopper needs 30ft of a widget, we can either ship 3 pieces of 10ft each, or 1 piece of 30ft.  In order for the shopper to be able to partition the widget as needed, we have introduced a new part type.

The part type requires a user to declare a unit of measurement in addition to quantity before an item can be added to the cart from the item detail page. These parts will contain a requirement input field where a user will enter a unit of measurement value that, in combination with quantity, will calculate the total amount of product being ordered. These parts cannot be added to shopping lists or favorites. A label on the item detail page will indicate the unit of measurement as defined by the business for the part.

Some integration work might be required to pass the UoM to your ERP properly.


Landing page - forms auto-population of user information

Landing page creation now allows an administrator to utilize javascript object that can be used to prepopulate any fields that contain a user's first name, last name, user name/email, phone number, and default bill-to name and number. When a user loads a page with a form created with these objects, they will see their default information prepopulated.

Item detail page - Tooltip for item requiring LTL shipping

Parts that require LTL shipping display a truck icon on the item detail page, with text available on hover to notify user of the requirement. A label has been added for display next to this icon to convey the same message without requiring the user to hover on the icon.

Item detail page - 360 image manipulation functionalities

The box that controls motion on ortery-based images has been restored to the item detail page.

Item detail page - 3D image control

Tool icons are now visible when viewing a three-dimensional part image from the item detail page. The icons allow the user to show or hide transparency, zoom in, zoom out, and reset to the default position.

Product Configurator

Storefront question selection

A setting in the admin site can be applied to product configurator questions that will display the price of each part option. Prices display whether product options are displayed in a pulldown or a series of radio buttons. Right justification has been applied to the price in both cases for improved visibility.


Checkout process modification for manual PO entry

A configuration is available that places a limit of one configured product per order. When this setting is active, the Purchase Order field in the checkout process is now clickable and opens a modal with a line item display where each whole good has been separated into single orders. The user can manually enter a Purchase Order number for each configured product.


Claims - Expense calculations allow 1 minute precision

When entering time for warranty expense calculations, dealers can now enter a time value with 1 minute precision instead of choosing from a selection of 15-minute intervals. The minute field will only accept values from 1 to 59.


Claim - Line item expense approval or rejection

A warranty approver can now reject single line-item part on a warranty claim via a dropdown selection. On page load, all parts are marked as "Approved" by default, and an approver can select "Rejected" via a dropdown. When a line item is rejected, the monetary amount of the item is removed from the total amount and is no longer part of the warranty claim, but the details of the rejected line item remain visible for future reference.

Warranty page navigation panel modification

The left navigation panel on the warranty home page has been modified for improved UI and less redundancy. The MRR, Registration, and File a Claim link are now displayed in their order of sequence in the warranty claim process.

Warranty page - clickable serial number

When viewing warranty claim history, serial numbers are now clickable and navigate to the associated Equipment ID page. If this page is not utilized by an implementation, the serial number remains read-only.

Terms Lookup

Access to the terms and conditions of warranties is now controlled by a configuration. If the configuration is off, the Terms Lookup link on the navigation panel of the warranty home page is hidden.

Claims - Unit of measure displayed for travel costs

The distance field for travel expenses now indicates the unit of measure (default: miles) for clarity.

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