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Release 2023.7


Shopping list distribution and management

A new feature has been added to Equip360 enabling users to easily distribute Shopping lists to other users. This new feature expands upon the existing shopping list assignment functionality in the admin site.

A permission has been introduced, granting access to a "Manage Lists" button on the "My lists" page. When clicked, users will be presented with a table where shopping lists for distribution purposes can be created and managed. The table includes information such as list names, the number of products in each lists, and the number of users with access to each list.


Internal users have the capability to bulk upload parts to these lists and assign users to them. Once assigned, the shopping lists appear as read-only lists in the target users' accounts, enabling them to utilize the lists for order completion. Target users can be easily added or removed from any distributed shopping list.

Additionally, the ability to bulk upload products to a shopping list is now accessible to all users on the original section of the My Lists page. If a user bulk uploads products to an existing shopping list, the products are appended to the list without overwritting any existing entries.

The improvements aim to streamline the distribution and management of shopping lists within Equip360, enhancing collaboration and simplifying the ordering process for users.

Volume-based discounts on the item detail page

When volume-based discounts are applicable for specific parts, an indication will be provided on the item detail page to signify the availability of a discount. Users will encounter a volume pricing link, which expands to a dropdown table displaying the discount breakdown based on the quantity purchased. If the user edits the quantity desired on the item detail page, the pricing shown on the page does not refresh and continues to show the price for a quantity of one.
The purpose of presenting this information is to ensure that users are informed about the minimum quantities required to activate the discount pricing, and how discounts are applied in relation to quantity purchased. This feature is exclusively accessible to logged-in users. Guests will not have the ability to utilize the volume discount functionality.
There is a dependency on the ERP to provide the volume price discount as part of the price call.

Customized time limit of persistent sign-in option

Equip360 subscribers can now control the duration of the "Keep me signed in" checkbox. Once the configured period expires and no additional logins have occurred, the user must enter login credentials again to begin a new version.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Product Configurator

Text box for additional information

Radio button, checkbox and dropdown questions in the configurator can now be customized to include a text box that appears after an answer is provided so that supplemental information can be entered. When creating or editing configurator questions, the administrator can enable this feature by activating a "Requires Additional Text" checkbox option. The length of the field can be up to 500 characters. The additional information is displayed after the part number in the configuration summary and is included in any downloaded documentation of the configured whole good.


Option to include product unit of measure

This update allows for the configuration of unit of measure input within Configurator questions. When creating or editing configurator questions that involve parts as answer options, administrators now have the ability to activate the "Show Quantity" checkbox option, enabling this feature. Once the question within the Configurator is answered, users will be prompted to input a quantity or a unit of measure relevant to their selection. This quantity or unit of measure will be utilized in the subsequent price calculation process, ensuring accurate pricing based on the user's specific input.

Configurator price display includes unit of measure

When configurator product choices are set to display prices, the concurrent unit of measure of that price is now also displayed after the currency denomination code. The format shown is [Amount] [Currency code] [Unit of Measure].

Customs script tag

Added the ability to apply a custom javascript code block to each configurator to allow extension of functionality as needed.


Bulletin board

Campaigns or Service Bulletins are issued by manufacturers to address known issues or potential problems that may affect the performance, safety, or reliability of their products. By issuing a Campaign or Service Bulletin, the manufacturer can alert their dealers and customers about any problems and provide guidance on how to address these problems.

A link to the issued bulletins is now accessible within the warranty module of Equip360, conveniently located in the left-hand navigation section. When clicked, users are directed to a comprehensive list of bulletins specifically relevant to the equipment serial numbers and models assigned to their account. The bulletins are automatically sorted upon page load based on their assigned urgency level and start dates, ensuring easy visibility of the most pertinent information. Additionally, users have the option to utilize the search functionality to quickly find specific bulletins of interest. Furthermore, there is an efficient feature allowing users to export all bulletins to Excel for further analysis or reference. By clicking on the respective Campaign or Service Bulletin number, a new window opens, providing users with more detailed information. Within this window, users can conveniently download any attached PDFs associated with the bulletin. They can also access descriptive information about the bulletin, as well as review the parts and expenses associated with it.
These enhancements facilitate streamlined access, retrieval, and exploration of bulletins within the warranty module, empowering users to stay informed about relevant updates and efficiently manage associated documents and information.

Ability to download media attachments

File attached to warranty claims can now be downloaded on left click of the image; the file is saved to the user's local machine. This applies to any file type (.jpg, .png, .doc, .pdf) attached to a warranty claim.

Warranty Registration - Service date configuration

The Service date field on warranty registration is now tied to a configuration. If the field is hidden, it is also hidden from the PDF that is generated after Registration approval.

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