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Release 2023.08


Shopping list - upload list of users

Shopping list managers now possess the capability to efficiently distribute shopping lists to multiple users simultaneously. In the user assignment window, a new section has been incorporated, enabling the upload of an Excel file. When the "Upload" button is clicked, the "Available" box automatically populates with all the email addresses present in the uploaded file.

From there, the manager can easily move one, several, or all theses email addresses/ users to the "Selected" box as desired. Upon clicking "Save", all the selected users will gain access to the shopping list. The "Number of users" column on the Manage Lists page accurately displays the correct count of users now assigned to the shopping list, providing clear visibility into the list's current recipients. This feature streamlines the process of distributing shopping lists to multiple users, enhancing efficiency and management for shopping list distributors.


Shopping list - Ability to edit distributed shopping lists

Distributed shopping lists can now be efficiently edited without the need for re-uploading and re-distribution. In the Manage Lists section of the My Lists page, clicking on the shopping list name opens a modal where the list manager can easily perform various edits. This includes renaming the list, removing products from it, and modifying product quantities.

Once the necessary changes are made and saved, all users who have already received the shopping list will immediately see the updated version with the applied modifications. This enhancement streamlines the process of managing and updating distributed shopping lists, ensuring real-time access to the most current information

Shopping list - Excel export of shopping lists

User can now download an excel version of a shopping list directly from the My Lists page. A download icon has been added to each row that contains a shopping list with a number of products greater than zero. A user can also download an excel file from the modal view of a shopping list. The downloaded file contains essential columns such as Organization, shopping list name, product number, product quantity, and product description, ensuring all relevant information is easily accessible for further use or reference.

Shopping list - Action column UI improvement

Due to the recent enhancements made to the Shopping List feature, new download and upload icons have been introduced to the action column on the My Lists page. In order to enhance the user interface's visual appeal, these icons, alongside the Delete and Add to Cart icons, are now vertically aligned. Tooltips have also been added to provide concise information about the action associated with each icon. These modifications aim to ensure that users can utilize the new Shopping List features with clarity and efficiency.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.


Product Configurator

Product number display toggle

A new toggle has been introduced that allows an administrator to control the display of part numbers in the product configurator. With the toggle on, all response options directly linked to a part will display the part number along with the commercial description. Conversely, turning the toggle off removes the product number from the display. This setting only affects the display within the configurator interface itself. The product numbers will always be included in the configuration summary, excel export, and PDF outputs, regardless of the toggle setting.



Unit History

A new link has been introduced on the File a Claim page named "Unit History." When the dealer clicks on this link, it grants them access to a comprehensive historical overview of past registrations and claims related to a specific equipment.

By utilizing the "Unit History" link, dealers can review a detailed record of issues and resolutions, providing them with valuable insights into the machine's repair history. Additionally, they can track the components that have been replaced over time. Our primary aim is to offer a historical snapshot of all repairs and/or part replacements that have taken place in the past, providing dealers with essential information to ensure effective maintenance and servicing of the equipment.


Search box UI improvement

The warranty module's search box has been updated to optimize screen space utilization, resulting in a more efficient user experience. Additionally, users can now collapse the search box once they have completed a search, allowing for a cleaner and less cluttered view.

Quantity prompt when adding a part to a service contract order

When a user is adding a part listed in a Service Contract to an order, a prompt now instructs the user that a quantity must be entered before the part is added.

Registration waiver for dealers

A waiver checkbox has been added to the warranty registration form specifically for dealers who are not the original dealers of the equipment. By selecting this checkbox, dealers can indicate that they are unable to certify the statements on the form. This waiver allows them to proceed with the registration without making those certifications. When the registration is completed and the PDF documentation is generated, it will include the relevant information about opting out of these certifications. This ensures that the registration documentation accurately reflects the dealer's acknowledgment and compliance with the waiver option.

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