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Release 2024.3


Partial serial number search

The serial number search field utilized to initiate warranty documentation (MRR, Registration, and Claims) was recently enhanced to present a more comprehensive and informative listing of machine details when a user is selecting equipment. The search capability is no longer limited to the first three digits of an equipment serial number; users can now enter any portion of a serial number to obtain results.


Management of customer-specific warranty expenses

Administrators now can manage customer-specific warranty expenses within the equipment module on the admin site. A new tab, "Rate", displays a table of warranty expense rates for each customer within a division, if the customer expense varies from the default division rate.  This tab is only visible for users with Warranty Approver permission. 

Unit History link added to the warranty home page

A link to Unit History has been added to the left navigation panel of the warranty home page. The visibility of this link is regulated by a configuration setting. When a user clicks on this link, a serial number search page opens and users can access a comprehensive historical overview of past registrations and claims related to a specific equipment serial number.

The serial number search functionality and capability are identical to the search used to initiate warranty documentation. Previously, a link to unit history was only available within existing warranty claim pages. Now, users can search by serial number for the unit history of any equipment without being required to open the detail page of an existing warranty claim.

By utilizing the "Unit History" link, dealers can review a detailed record of issues and resolutions which may provide valuable insights into a machine's repair history. Additionally, they can track any components that have been replaced over time. Our primary aim is to offer a historical snapshot of all repairs and/or part replacements that have been taken in the past, providing dealers with essential information to ensure effective maintenance and servicing of the equipment.

Submitter information visibility on the warranty claim page

To streamline cross-referencing with notification emails, the name, phone number, and email of the user that submitted a warranty claim are now prominently displayed on the detail page of an individual claim.

Additions to the warranty claim Excel download

The warranty claims Excel download has been enhanced to include additional data. Any dealer comments and claim classification selections included in the claim submission are now displayed in full in the main claim tab of the Excel file. In the claim details tab, the invoice date is now included to supplement each invoice number listed in the warranty claim.

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.



Messaging to handle inactive and out-of-season surplus return periods

Changes have been made to the messaging that informs users about inactive surplus return periods, providing greater clarity and customization options. When a surplus return period is inactive for a specific division, a translation label message will be presented, defaulting to "The surplus return period is not active." Administrators also have the flexibility to incorporate additional supplemental out-of-season messages for surplus return periods scheduled to start in the future. This improvement not only clarifies messaging but also allows for a more tailored and informative user experience.


RMA navigation improvement

On the RMA Inquiry page, any filters/search selections applied by a user are now retained if a user navigates away from the page and then returns in the same session. Filters are not retained if a user starts a new RMA or Surplus Return request and then navigates back to the main page.


Harmonized Tariff Codes and County of Origin added to Equip360

The Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC) is a product classification used to facilitate regulation of international commerce. Read more here: Harmonized System (HS) Codes


The HTC and County of Origin (COO) of a product are now displayed in Equip360 in the product details section of the item detail page of a part and on the quote and order PDFs. The visibility of these two fields is controlled by configurations.

Administration of these two new fields has been incorporated into the parts management module under a new International Shipping section. If the fields are updated and maintained by a batch file, there is no ability to make manual changes, and read-only information is displayed. If manual management is required, the administrator can assign and update the HTC and COO for each part. Only one HTC and COO is permitted per product.


Adjust the Where Used feature for model-based implementations

The "Where Used" feature on the item detail page and bill of materials page now points to model identifiers in model-based implementations.

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