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Release 2024.4


Dealer Stock claim type

We've introduced a new warranty claim option! Now, dealers can easily file claims for equipment that hasn't been sold or registered yet. The availability of this claim type is controlled by a configuration and is only available when an unregistered/unsold equipment serial number is entered into the claim page. Multiple warranty claims on a single piece of equipment can be filed using this claim type.


Warranty page navigation improvement

When you're on the warranty home page, any filters or search choices you make on the MRR and Registration tabs stick around, even if you click on a document or go somewhere else. So, when you come back to the warranty home page during the same session, your preferences are still there. Filters are not retained if a user starts a new MRR or Registration document and then navigates back to the main page. This improved navigation was introduced to the warranty claims section in a previous release and has now been extended to the MRR and Registration tabs. 

Claim page modified layout

We've revamped the warranty claim page's header info to make better use of your screen and to match the layout of the claim filing page, making everything easier to navigate and more organized. The top section of the header contains generalized information including warranty, dealer, and owner information, while the secondary section of the header is focused on more specific information relevant to the individual claim such as failure date, submitted date, and repair date.  

We are very excited to present the new features and enhancements available in our next release.  As a reminder, the Equip360 solution is highly configurable and some features can be turned on or off according to your business needs.  Some features may require a new level of integration. 


If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please contact your Customer Success person.



Display of originating invoice for freight refund requests

When dealing with returns for items that are freight-only or non-returnable, you'll now see the original invoice linked to your return request right on the page. It's in a read-only format, so you can easily refer back to it but not make any changes. This information will allow approvers to easily review and verify the invoice containing the source of the freight charge calculation.



Quotes converted to orders in purchase history

After selecting a quote and converting it to an order, users can now return to the purchase history section and view the original quote. The expiration date of the quote remains unchanged even after its conversion into an order. Users can generate additional orders based on the same quote unless restricted by specific ERP settings, which may limit quote-to-order conversions to only one instance. Upon conversion, the status of the quote is automatically updated to "Converted".


Modified order header in Purchase History

Now, in your Purchase History, you'll see the email address of the person who initiated the order in the order header.  Additional emails added during checkout are labeled "Additional Email" for clarity. Improvements in aligning details like "Shipped To" information, shipping terms, and transport mode enhance the presentation and user experience, ensuring easier comprehension and navigation.

Disallow automatic reorder of configured whole goods

When creating automatic reorders, users now can't select any whole good divisions or parts that aren't eligible to be ordered through an automatic subscription.

Additional customizable text added to quote and order PDFs

Now, you can easily add extra text like Terms of Service to your quotes and order PDFs by simply using labels in the Translations module on the admin site. This supplementary text can be categorized by division and designated for either quotes or orders.  The added text is displayed on both the PDFs attached to quote and order notification emails and the documents available for download within the Purchase Order History section.


Category insights report

A new Insights report is now available which offers a detailed breakdown of all Shop for Parts categories in your implementation and their corresponding parts.  This report offers valuable insights into your top-performing categories and identifies any parts needing categorization.   

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